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This guy stopped watching porn — and he wants you to know why. Gender activist Ran Gavrieli felt that most of the images he saw in porn encouraged negative, even violent, attitudes toward women, despite a recent wave of feminist porn. So he pulled the plug, and found that his personal sex life and private fantasies became much more fulfilling.

In his talk at TEDxJaffa, he advocates for physically and emotionally-safe sex, as well as erotica that shows a wider range of fulfilling sexual experiences — including the intimacy of human connection, laughter, and touch. Watch his talk here.

SENSUALITY AND MUTUALITY YESSSSS. God, this talk is so good.

Wow I never really thought about this

I have a friend who actually struggles with being addicted to pornography, and it’s a real problem. Because when he gives in and starts watching it again, it changes his mindset. Even when he’s out and about in life he starts looking at women and seeing them more for their bodies and what they can do as if they’re objects, and he hates it. Porn really changes your mindset. 

There’s a part in Now You See Me where they influence a guy to pick a certain bank because they walk past him speaking French or flipping a certain kind of coin. If little acts like that can influence your subconscious, think how drastically watching something like porn for hours can alter your way of thinking.  



Absolute elegance.


Absolute elegance.